Friday, July 29, 2005

Certain people met in one’s life stand out. When around them you wish you had written down the truisms and little wisdoms that emanate from them. You listen in awe as they speak of experience, knowledge and unique understanding of not only their own lives but your own. They give advice that, although you might not follow to the letter, at least gives you food for thought.

Talked with my mother today about being in survival mode. Its heartbreaking to see someone in it on a daily basis, knowing each day what they face and why they continue in that mode. Survival mode drains all that you have with in you. Makes you avoid what really needs to be dealt with so that you can go on just that little longer without the pain of confrontation or consequence. You look at a person in survival mode and know, saying to yourself why are they continuing on like this? They need to get out of this situation. Isn’t it clear to them they have no choice but to get out? Yet we’ve all done it. We have all been in the depressing state of being, where merely existing on a conscious feeling level is a strain and a challenge to attempt.


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