Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ever meet some one you know you could be good friends with had you only had the chance. If one of you had only taken the time to start a conversation, you know it would have lasted for hours. So much to discuss yet, you never got the chance. In passing you say hello and always think, ya know, we have so much we could relate to eachother on...yet we never do. The other night I felt that way. Ive was told once that upon hearing me talk of my past and issues I've faced they instantly related and had wanted to talk to me about similar experiences they had gone through. Upon hearing this I had wanted to say, well why didn't you say something. I would have loved to have talked to someone who knew what I was going through. To know that I was not alone in my struggle with bitterness, anger and hurt. Little kids don't hesitate to walk right up to a person and ask to be there friend. Why do we loose that blatentness, the bravery to openly state recognition of compatibility and shared experience.


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