Friday, October 08, 2010

My sights are higher than my bank balance...

Ive decided there are a lot of things I want to do or try or go see. Off the top of my head I could tell you Id like to take horseback riding lesions, archery lesions, go whale watching, take cooking classes and go bungee jumping. I would also like travel and travel a lot.

A recent idea of mine is to go to Guatemala for a week or two to take a Spanish immersion class. Twenty minutes of research has not only convinced me more that I want to do this but that I could do this. It is just enough adventure with just enough planning and comfort. There are schools that give you 4-8 hours of one on one teaching (of Spanish) with trips, and excursions and activities. I love this idea. Living where I do it seems almost stupid that I don’t use and know more Spanish. Doing what I do, a second language is almost a requirement. I am the only non tri-lingual person in my department. TRI-LINGUAL!!! Being the idiot blond American in my department does not sit well with me. A decent grasp of a second language must be acquired.

Having taken 4 years of Spanish in high school I know enough to ask for water and the bathroom as well as a few other basic things. I can clearly tell you in English and Spanish if I like something or not. My ability to comment has not been totally lost in a second language.

So yes, I want to do all these things. I want to learn how to shoot an arrow (do you shoot arrows?), I want to know how to ride a horse without my butt aching and bumping awkwardly all over the place, I want to see whales in the ocean, I really want to go to Guatemala for a week and learn Spanish. But my stumbling block, as always is money.

Do I plan and save and put all these grandiose plans aside until I have the funds to go, do, see and learn? Or, do I plan and save and add whats left to my credit card? Its better to be in debt because of an amazing trip where you went to a foreign country, saw Mayan ruins and learned another language than be in debt because of the new Anthropology dress and cute shoes from Nordstroms you bought…..right?


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