Sunday, August 07, 2005

A note was left on my car, no doubt in response to my bumper stickers. Sort of felt personally attacked by it. Not that it was aggressive, rude or even wrong. The thing is the person who left it or anyone for that matter, has every right to express their feelings/political views. I recognize that. I do that. Yet I still feel sort of personally attacked by this small non-aggressive note. Someone a couple of weeks ago told me that when ever you feel your views are being personally. After a analytical car ride though the mountains thinking it all through I am still torn. I relies how my views come across to others at times. How can someone who claims the same beliefs and faith as they do, believe in such a different political world. And then I go and post it all over the bumper of my car. hah. Well I still believe abortion is wrong, yet I am pro-choice. I know and have read that the Bible has spoken out against homosexuality, yet I am for gay rights. By the way people, Clinton does not represent all democrats, just as I know President Bush does not represent all Republicans.


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