Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dear Europe,

You have been so wonderful to me over the past few months and the years before that. You have provided challenges that have shaped me, new viewpoints that I have contemplated over, amazing sceneries that I have captured in my mind’s eye and memories I shall carry with me for a lifetime. My eyes have opened to the greater world because of you and your time spent with me and I will always carry that in my heart. I can not thank you enough for that. I will miss your cobblestone streets, patisseries, ancient cathedrals, charming villages, Roman cities and cultured people with language skills I still envy.

Before I leave you I would like to make just a few suggestions for your already wonderful way of life. Just a few notes really of ways to make life, if possibly, even more thrilling, peaceful and worthwhile. Although minor and meager in comparison to what you already have to offer, I found myself missing them greatly. Garbage disposals, I think you will find have been widely used with great enthusiasm and little complaint. Your pipes will be thrilled, as will your homeowners. It is quite amazing what this little invention will do to your life- trust me. Although I know you have perfect beer and made wine in an art, may I suggest you add to your achievements the mixed drink. Although a simple idea, a great deal is involved in the idea. The correct selection of glasses must be obtained, these include but are not limited to: Collins, martini, margarita, and rocks glass. I must also insist the use of ice when serving such delightful mixed drinks. May I also suggest the importation of sour mix. It does wonders with things like Amoretto, Vodka and Whiskey. I would also love to see the correct concoction and consistency of the milk shake. This simple task is not beyond your abilities, as I know you already provide them. However, they have gone horribly awry and must be corrected. I feel you should know the proper consistency of a milk shake should just be thick enough to barely be able to be sucked up a straw. There should be more ice-cream, preferably chocolate, than milk. Also, for loving cream as much as you do you seem to have left it out of this precious recipe where it has potential to do the most good. And although I have come to appreciate and prefer your modest yet filling proportions, the shakes should really always come in excess. I would like to remind you these really are modest notes, you may say complaints, considering my true ability as a complainer and general negative speaker on, well, any subject really. So take heart that these are minor alterations to the wonder you have brought into my life.

As I prepare to leave, my dissertation is in its final stages and I am more than eager to see it finished. Im hoping that the next three weeks will see its finish. I have still yet to find employment in Chicago but I have faith that it will come in time and hope that it is sooner rather than later. Until then I will enjoy my last week in Switzerland, relish the short stop I have in London Heathrow and look forward to seeing my family and friends again back in the States.

So until I see you again, this is not goodbye. No, for I shall be back. So, ciao for now. I will see you again soon; you can count on it!


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