Tuesday, May 29, 2007

To jump or not to jump, that is the question...

This ranting may seem a little vague at times. Again, this is to protect the innocent.

My job search and life lessons continue. This brief stint in Switzerland has been eventful. Today I met with an individual from my Aunt's church who runs a Non-profit right here in Nyon. He was extremely encouraging and affirming giving me advice and suggestions in my constant job pursuit. He reaffirmed what I have suspected all along for my field of choice, its who you know. Contacts and contacts of friends helps incredibly when getting started in the field of human rights when one does not have the experience desired for both self and employer. Still a bit lost in where I'll end up geographically. Originally I had a narrow field of vission but that has seemed to open up more and more to include not only D.C. and NY but various other US cities. The question now is how and where do I continue to pursue what I want. If no job is to be had before either the summer or my money runs out what comes next? Meeting new people while here opened up all sorts of questions for me. How far does one go to pursue a possibility when one is unsure of what that possibility even is? In my meeting today I was told that face to face meetings, constant pursuing and gentle but firm pressure is what is needed to get your foot in the door. Does that go for other aspects of one's life as well?

Id like to say a quick 'I told you so'. I have for a number of years worn a ring on my left hand ring finger. I have been often asked why a single gal such as myself would dare to wear a ring (even though it looks nothing like a wedding or engagement ring) on such a prominent finger. "Dont you want a boyfriend" has even been concernedly asked by someone I worked with one summer. My response has always been the same, I dont care to talk to someone who's only reason for talking to me is based on whether I wear a ring or not. I am interesting, unique and have lots to contribute and if you dont want to talk to me based on my supposed eligibility well thats fine with me. The case arose recently that proved that wearing a ring on 'that' finger certainly doesnt stop individuals from talking, dare I even say flirting with you. So, I told you so.


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