Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back in the States...

Driving my car is something that I have greatly missed over the past nine months. I was able to take what is probably a final drive in 'my car' on Sunday. The control, freedom and convenience of driving one's car wherever you need to go whenever you want is extremely liberating and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Today however I have spent what feels like endless hours driving in the car. After a leisurely bike ride with my mother I hopped in the car to retrieve my computer that was being fixed. The hour and a half round trip seemed to take me through every red light and down every construction filled road possible. After being reunited with my computer I headed to the mall I group up shopping in to run an errand for an aunt. From the mall I did a Starbucks run for my mother then headed to Naperville to meet friends for sushi. My car time did not end there. After a delish and surprisingly filling sushi lunch, I then drove to my grandparents for ice-cream rejuvenation and then a quick stop at the outlet mall for a birthday gift for a friend. As I finally drove back to my parent's house I knew I would not under any circumstances re-enter a car for the remainder of the day.

As a de-stresser and a treat to myself I grabbed a Mike's Hard Lemonade, wild berry flavor (the best) and the vacuum. Cleaning, baking and running are my de-stressers. So after a random and quick cleaning spree I began my baking routine. In no time flour was everywhere, sugar was on the freshly cleaned floor and batter had been splashed in my face. I currently have banana cake and almond cake baking in the oven.

Tomorrow, on what is supposed to be the hottest day thus far this summer, I and the wedding party are headed into Chicago. I greatly look forward to getting to know the other selected few honored to be in the wedding, hanging with the soon to be married couple and once again wondering the city streets of Chicago.


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