Friday, June 15, 2007

“Marriage, Marriage is what brings us together today…”

It was only a rehearsal for the big day, not even my big day, and I was so nervous. One of my best friends was getting married and I was Maid of Honor! The Bride showed the appropriate amounts of stress and excitement. After a short telling off to some of the Groomsmen for not giving the appropriate priority to their duties and responsibilities we all headed over to Connie’s Pizza for the rehearsal dinner. I don’t remember the last time I drank so much diet coke! Sitting across from my parents and next two three great college friends I finally began to relax. After hours of laughing, eating and mingling with the family who had yet to meet the “Maid of Honor from London” I headed home with two of my previous roomies. Exhausted upon arriving at my parent’s house we three changed into cozy clothes and clamored down to the basement, where under layers of blankets we fell asleep to one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous.

After only about 4 to 5 hours of sleep I staggered from bed at traumatic hour of 5am to shower, shave and shampoo for the big day. After a quick Starbucks run for my Chai Tea Latte, we headed to downtown Naperville where the Bride and her Bridesmaids got their hair done for the wedding. It was a somewhat calm time, where we chatted and took a furry of pictures, the first of many that day. Upon leaving I was sure that my shellacked hair would not move what so ever throughout the day and that I had inhaled roughly a gallon of hair spray. From there we went directly to the church where we dressed and did our make-up. Pictures were taken, every combination imaginable. It then came the waiting, waiting for the guests to be come, be seated, and the ceremony to begin. It was an excruciating wait. The Bride seemed to get calmer the closer to the start of the ceremony, where I became more and more anxious. I walked in right before she did and felt I had an incredibly fake smile on my face as I entered the room with all eyes watching and waiting for the main attraction that was to walk down the aisle after me.

The ceremony was as perfect as one could hope it to be. I did my best to keep my chin from trembling with emotion and managed not to cry, although I came close more than once. It was not until the wedding party was being announced right before we walked into the reception that we realized the only hitch of the day. The Bride’s sister, also a Bridesmaid, and I both wore the same size top. Hers, however had been ever so slightly altered. Something I had failed to notice when I put it on at the start of the day. When I first tried on the top days before, it had fit perfectly but found that for some reason it did not fit quite right that day. After lots of loud laughter we slipped into the restroom to rectify the situation.

All in all, it was an amazing day. I was honored to stand up for one of my best friends and thrilled to see her so happy. The day ended with a bunch of us laying around in my parents basement, once again in front of a movie. This time with delish drinks and a contentment knowing two of our friends had just promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives- I just cant wait for the stories that are to come out of these two living together.


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