Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am so exhausted I can barely think of what to write and know I am in no condition to be witty. Just as I have learned that even if you are best friends with a person, that does not necessarily mean you will live together well - I have now also learned that just because you love someone and enjoy their company does not mean you will make perfect road trip companions. Arguments in a moving truck are no fun because it leaves you without the option of storming off and slamming a door, two things I feel I need to effectively communicate my frustration.

My apartment is set up for the most part. I learned it is not worth moving an old couch because it will feel as heavy as it is old and generally on a whole, less is more. More is too much and way to heavy so stick with less and you will have more energy and more space. Although small, my place has just enough space for me and my rag tag collection of belongings. It shall be interesting when my two guests show up next month and three of us are in my two room, one bathroom apartment. It will be cozy to be sure.

Not quite sure what I think of my new surroundings yet. My mind is preoccupied with the up coming surgery of the BF, starting the new job and paying for all my expenses on a monthly basis. Its when I start thinking of all this that I become so overwhelmed and tired I must distract myself before I become lost in my thoughts.


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