Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adventure again ensues. The move is very real now and only a week away. I have procured an apartment, employment and a mission. I will be the proud renter of my very own one bedroom apartment in the North Park part of San Diego. I will also be the pleased and proud employee of Grass Roots Campaign. For those of you who do not know the organization I will let you discover on your own the nature of this non-profit, knowing that you will learn of its ethos, shake your head, smile and say how you are not surprised or how typical of me that I would seek out a job with this organization.

Although there is a trial period for the job, I like to think it is already mine. My first day at work will be an ‘observation day’. I will arrive dressed causally but presentable for a day of canvassing on the streets of San Diego. Hired as a potential Field Manager, I will learn how to encourage the troops, as it were, to plan and plot our routes and strategies and most importantly to bring in the money for our candidate.

I of course have concerns, even fears, regarding this position. My biggest concern is being able to successfully raise money in order to earn money. In my interview, the national recruiter assured me that if I lasted through the next three months until after the campaign that there would still be a position for me in the San Diego office. Apparently they have been known to promote quickly, so there is the hope that if I am able to over come the challenge, I will have the possibility of hopefully being promoted to an office job.

My mission is to discover and thrive in the process of it all. This will be the first time I will be truly on my own, no loans to get me through the year, no parents to buy my snacks, to remind me my clean clothes are still sitting in the washing machine or sit around on a weekend and chat with at the kitchen table. The rent, the car gas, the food, the bills…all mine. I just got shivers. I need to budget my money and fill my days with people, reading, watching and learning. The discovery part of my mission is easy. I have already begun marking in a San Diego/Tijuana Guidebook all the gardens, restaurants, playhouses, museums and neighborhoods I want to visit, seek out, watch, eat at and learn to love.


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