Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things I should not be allowed to do....

Alhtough this list I know could be enumerated on by others, I will simply stick to the list I have discovered this afternoon.

I like to figure out how to put things together. I like doing things around the house, like fixing things, organizing, decorating and even cleaning I dont mind. Even though I moved into my new place over two months ago I still have a few things around the apartment to get done. Things like putting handles on the dresser I assembled last month, hanging pictures and putting the moving boxes in the storage space above my closet.

Weeks ago I bought shelves and a dresser from Ikea. They required some assembly. So I assembled them, kind of. I put the shelves together with a lot of yelling and frustration. It took about two hours. It took me an entire afternoon to put the dresser together on the other hand and I never did put the handles on it. So this afternoon I sorted through all the screws, hooky-things and nails I had in a tin to figure out which ones were supposed to secure the handles to the dresser drawers. After reviewing several options I decided to take a selection of the nails and screws I have acquired (and may I say, I have no idea how I have such a selection of nails and screws) and attempt to use them to secure the handles to the drawers. None of them seemed to work like I would have hoped. So I proceeded to hammer in the screws. This kind of worked. I have handles on my drawers and I feel thats what counts. I wont even go into the half done decorating job I did to it.

The next handy-woman project I took on was hanging two pictures. I had previously attempted to sticky Velcro like thingy a picture to my kitchen wall. But this didnt work. So I once again sorted through the random assortment of nails I have from who knows where and found a nail and hook to pound into the wall to hang my picture the old fashion way. Pounding a nail into the wall may to some, look easy. When avoiding smashing your fingers or scratching the manicure you have just given yourself it is however, not easy to bang a nail in a very thick plaster wall. As a result, the nail and hook are mangled. I have created several dent marks in the wall surrounding the nail. I have not scratched my manicure and my picture is hanging. Mission accomplished.

Storing moving boxes is easy. Storing moving boxes in the 12 foot high space above my closet when one has no ladder is not easy. Standing on my kitchen chairs and throwing empty but awkwardly big boxes five to six feet up and forward is no small feet and I have to say, somewhat dangerous. Sometimes shotty aim or over enthusiastic force can cause a seemingly innocuous box to become a bouncing projectile when it hits a wall or previously thrown box and has a 'return to sender' like effect.

So, when I purchased 4 very cute wall hooks (one with each of my initials on it) from a very wonderful store that I have come to know and love like my own closet, I thought it best not to attempt to secure them into the wall myself. I think I will enlist the help of a "handyman" for this particular project. I intend to hang scarfs, purses and hats on them but still I would rather them not become mangled, fall in the middle of the night or dent the entire wall around them in the process of fixing them to my walls.

So although I like and dont mind being "handy" around the house. It turns out, its kind of dangerous for both me and the house. You see, im not traditionalist. I hammer in screws and throw boxes ten feet into the air to put them away. Yet I still say, mission accomplished.


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