Tuesday, August 09, 2005

God knew I need some cheering up. After work I checked my voicemail to find my uncle had called me because he was thinking of me and just wanted to chat. To me that is an honor and compliment. To know that someone thought of you and wanted to just chat…makes me feel loved and appreciated. We talked politics as we often do. Although he can come across to others, and even to me at times, as belligerent about his beliefs, I respect the thought and passion he puts into them. We talked of political agenda and happenings. Listening to him analyze those in power, both past and present, discussing pros and cons of civil rights and political theory…it uplifted me. I had questioned myself earlier. Did what I so passionately standed for make sense? Was it ‘right’? I may not always be able to eloquently verbalize it all, but yes, it does make sense. As for right and wrong…I believe that neither Republican nor Democrat can claim that. We are sinful people living in a fallen world and God is far above petty partisan politics.


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