Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I think Bristol has a distinct smell, or at least a smell that seemed familiar to me as I stepped out of Bristol International airport today. The 50 minute bus ride from the airport to Bristol Temple Meads Train Station allowed me to gaze at the somewhat ghetto Bristol with country side in the background. That is something I love about this area of Somerset, the city, with rolling green hills of the country never far away. I can not justly explain the beauty of this part of England. Canals wide their way through the rolling green hills, dotted with sheep. Pubs with names like ‘The Black Cat’ and ‘The Plough’ are found in every hamlet, village, town and city around here. Roman and Georgian architecture fill Bath creating its signature look. To the tourist it is a charming city. To its inhabitants it’s truly ideal.

As I write this I am sitting on the train to Bath Spa in eager anticipation. It is ironic how I now yearn to return to an area of the planet that at one time caused me to have copious amounts of bitterness, contempt and general misery. Returning on my own terms is quite different I must say. This trip out to Bath interrupts my Easter holiday and is not specifically for pleasure, although it will be well enjoyed. My two day trip back to England is so that I may have my very first ‘real world’ interview! I applied to a job a few weeks ago for an organization I have continuously prayed will want me to join their team, and who is willing to wait for me to begin working until well into June. Now I wait with bated breath as I walk the streets well known to me and venture into the real world of business suits and job interviews.


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