Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Queen is coming! The Queen is coming!!!

The Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh will be coming to officially open the business school at UEL, which by the way has been 'opened' and used for months now. I never understood the idea of 'officially opening' something.

Yesterday one of my college roomies, who now lives in Nante, and I went to the Tate Modern and then wandered through Greenwich. The Tate is so much fun to walk through. Filled with equal amounts of the bizarre and intriguing; its art allows the beholder to find beauty in art work ranging from Monet, to Picasso to Lange to Flavin. It was filled with the usuall 'artsy' and those who you wouldn't immediatly think would find such fun and interest in an art museum. Mothers with their young children crowded the rooms filled with statues, paintings and photographs. Children were asked what they liked, what colors they saw and if they could described how they felt upon viewing the work. It was fun to see such a diverse group of people enjoying art on such different levels.

We then went over to Greenwich, walked around Greenwich University campus and along the river. If and or when I look for a flat in London of my own I will most certainly begin looking in this part of town. Very cute, beautiful, older architecture, along the river and close enough to the city center but far enough that there are still large green spaces. Very picturesque.

Finally start my second semester classes. Last night I had International Criminal Law and I have my second class tonight, War and Human Rights. Let the endless hours of reading begin.


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