Saturday, August 22, 2009

The summer of George….only for me.

In the critically acclaimed show Seinfield, George has a summer where he does not work. George devotes his summer to edification, or some form of it, travel, and general enjoyment. How wonderful would it be to have a summer devoted to one’s own pursuits and passions. Perhaps it would be a little better spent that George Kastanza’s. But what would I do in this summer assuming money and time, other than the limit of the summer months, were no issue? Reading great books, traveling around the country, and going to all the different cultural events my city has to offer- of which there are many and a great variety. One thing that has crossed my mind on and off over the past few months is the idea of returning to school. But for what- and that is when I throw the thought back out. How wonderful it would be to devote a summer to travel and reading to further explore the idea of what to study more in depth. The opportunity to read what the academics read, to narrow down an issue, phenomenon, development or movement of which I would devote several years and PhD in study of. That would be my summer of George dream.


Blogger Heather said...

After a couple of weeks laying in bed and re-reading every Austin book, things would start to get boring. Your idea is brilliant - use that time to develop more exact interests, discovering your niche. Of course, doing all of that while sitting on the beach... but that goes without saying.

Spot on Amber!

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