Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My week…

Last Sunday I was driving home from my second job at the mall when all of a sudden I lost power steering and the ability to accelerate. As I struggled to get the quickly decelerating car over to the shoulder I tried to figure out what the heck had happened. My car seemed to be running, in the sense that the engine was on, which I verified by trying to crank the key and got the cranky engine sound that you get when you crank an already running engine. But I had no indicator of RPM or speed, not good. I did manage to pull the car over to the side of the road, freak out and calm down enough to turn the car off and call the BF for help. After one phone message and two minutes of calming down I was able to start the car up, no problems and drive home. I was shortly after rescued by my personal mechanic who quickly responded to my teary message crying out for help.

The next day the car was looked by a professional mechanic and determined that nothing was wrong with it. I have not had a problem since.

Tuesday night I started noticing my throat was beginning to hurt. Never a good sign. By Wednesday morning I was determinately not feeling well. Thursday I went home sick. Slept most of Thursday afternoon and evening away. Slept in Friday got ready to go into work by about 9:30 am, only to realize I still didn’t feel up for it and crawled back into bed to sleep most of Friday away.

By Saturday I was feeling better but had past on my cold and general icky feeling to my BF. Today we are sitting together ready and typing with a box of quickly emptying tissue box between us.


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