Friday, January 30, 2009

Moving to the Midwest…

I won’t actually being moving back to the Midwest so much as moving to Indiana Street. I’ve found myself a cute little two bedroom apartment in a wonderful neighborhood. The place also comes with a roommate and her cat Mona. I am delighted and anxious to get moving. I shall begin moving in my things in the middle of February. The move has made my finances a little more interesting having to pay February’s rent at my current apartment, a security deposit and half of February’s rent at my new place. Not to mention all the other monthly bills and expenses normally incurred. So battle of the not bulging wallet continues but at least Im in good spirits about it.

In the mean time my apartment has half packed boxes are all about the place. I got so excited at the prospect of moving I wasted no time in beginning the packing process. The nice thing about this round of packing up my belongings is that I can causally throw things into boxes without the worry of the box traveling 2,500 miles to my new apartment. Im hoping and half determined, to move as much as my belongings on my own as possible. Once I get rid of the couch it only leaves my two living room chairs, bed and mattress that I will defiantly need assistance with.

With the move to a nicer apartment in a new neighborhood, settling into the job and finally having a group of friends San Diego seems to finally be a nice place to live.


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