Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Communists are wearing these days….

I was working a citizenship workshop, which means I was checking the application one fills out when applying for US Citizenship. As part of a local collaborative I volunteered to assist as a checker of volunteer filled out applications. A particular YES/NO question was left unanswered on one young woman’s application that I thought must have been a mistake. Usually if a question is left unanswered at this point in the workshop its because an issue has arisen and the applicant needs to speak to a professional about that particular issue to ensure they can move forward without further immigration problems or to tell them that if they go forward they will have serious immigration problems.

The reason I thought this question must have been left blank by mistake and that there could not possibly be an issue was because this question usually becomes an issue with the over 50 crowed who are from a former Soviet country, China or Cuba. Can you guess the question?

Have you ever been a member of or associated with the Communist party?

The woman in front of me was not yet 21 and from Mexico.

Me- So I see you left this question blank. What are your concerns with the Communist party question?

Woman- I go to a lot of immigrant rights ralleys and protests.

Me- ok. And….

Woman- Well a lot of the people who go to these rallies wear Che Guevara t-shirts.

Me- (blank stare waiting for a real explanation or connection between a t-shirt and a communist party connection)

Woman- Well Che Guevara….(cut off by me)

Me- Ya I know who he is and what he did. I want to know what kind of membership or association you’ve had with the Communist party.

Woman- Well I go to these protests and the people there wear t-shirts with Che Guevara on them.

Me- I don’t care about what other people are wearing. I don’t care about other people. What does that have to do with you and any connection with the Communist Party?

Women- Well….

Me- Have you ever signed a paper agreeing to a communist membership, manifesto or intent in any way?

Woman- No but…..

Me- Have you ever gone to a Communist Party meeting or rally?

Woman- No.

Me- I feel pretty comfortable saying that you could probably answer no to this question and that would be a truthful answer.

Woman – (blank stare)

Just think once she gets citizenship she can vote for a communist and probably wont even know it….unless they are wearing their signature Che Guevara t-shirts that is.


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