Friday, August 05, 2011

Make Yourself at Home…..

As is often my way, let me start with a disclaimer. I love these people and I would immediately ask them to stay over again. Having said that let me tell you about the three days I had house guests.

Someone dear to me was moving and I offered my apartment to them and their sibling for a two nights after everything was packed but before they were able to leave. Upon their arrival I warmly said, “make yourself at home”. Those words then haunted me the rest of their visit. When I said ‘make yourselves at home’ I had assumed they would still act like it was not their home but none the less feel comfortable in mine. Like getting their own drinks or reading my books, that kind of thing. Well they took it as an open invitation to act as if they were at their own house just plus a maid - me.

You see, I live in a petit apartment that is a perfect size for me and me alone. I have things just the way I want them and I clean regularly and thoroughly. This is not to say that it is never messy or that I cant handle a little chaos from time to time. Clothes on the floor or dishes in the sink waiting to be washed I can handle. What I got was wet towels left on my bed, dishes with food still on them left on the kitchen table, over flowing garbage filled with ice-cream containers and fast food debris and one offer but no actual help to clean up. Oh and I received a burn (this may be my fault entirely but none the less a wound received) when making them cookies!

Again, I feel I should say that it really was a treat and privilege to have these two temporarily homeless siblings staying with me. But it was also an eye opener. I was surprised at how quickly toilet paper disappeared, how often I had to refill the ice tray and water pitcher, how much fast food wrappers and bags were in my trash and how much they slept. Also, on a grosser note, my bathroom always seemed to smell in a way in never has before or since. I also had the privilege of doing laundry during their brief stay and was horrified when I saw my fresh and fluffy towel had been used by another! Now a towel is a very personal thing and I do not want under any circumstances to share my towel with anyone. After all I had provided each guest with their own clean towel. I don’t care how clean you are upon exiting the shower or how much I love you. My towel, is MY TOWEL.

If my guests read this let me again say I loved having you and you are welcome back anytime, just don’t use my towel.


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