Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Dolphinless Dolphin Show...

This past Sunday I spent the majority of my day at an aquatic themed park where they an animal who’s name sounds like shampoo is known to reside. I, generally speaking, love this place and was thrilled to be there with two of my dearest friends. Upon entering the park at 2:20pm we immediately headed for the Dolphin show at 3pm. Seats filled quickly as hundreds sat in pools of their own sweat in eager anticipation of the start of the show.

Huh? moment #1: Show started with a ‘trainer’ wearing a pink wet suite and nightgown ‘singing’.
Huh? moment #2: Pink wet suite girl’s nightgown is ripped off her and she dives into the water to waiting dolphins.
Huh? moment #3: After about 3 minutes of iffy dolphin tricks multiple groups of people enter the ‘stage’ wearing increasingly ridicules costumes. Yes, costumes at a dolphin show.

My friends and I watched as trapeze were lowered over the dolphin tank where people swung in bird like get-ups and men in neon green wetsuits dove into the tank, where there were no dolphins. The show lasted approximately 25 minutes of which Im guessing a total of 4.3 minutes consisted of actually dolphin presence. There was also unabashed use of theme songs that was not only disappointing but made me uncomfortable. This is not a Disney movie people.

If I were going to be a dolphin trainer (a career I briefly considered in my youth) I would throw in a little educational and advocacy factor to it. Tell my audience a little something about dolphins, their ability, agility and general cuteness. Also, there would be no costumes.

To summarize the dolphin show had a shocking lack of dolphins resulting in my friends and me mercilessly mocking and complaining about the dolphinless dolphin show for the remainder of the day. Wasn’t too impressed with the Orca display either. I will say however, the sea lions show got two thumbs up.


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