Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It’s the little moments that one has to appreciate. I met with the most wise and Godly woman tonight. She has such insight and…. love to share. One can’t help but feel both humbled and blessed when in her presence. “Plan Big” was the advice that resonated with me tonight, if it “doesn’t happen thank God for closing the door and preparing something better for you”. I’ve been towing with an idea lately of what to do once I graduate. Prayer and planning big seems to be the answer to it all.

The end is near...the end of the summer that is. Can't wait! I have had an awesome summer, but I am more than ready to go home. Too many days dealing with teenage girl attitudes and teenage boy egos. I came to serve and I have. I have also learned so much about myself. I am seriously considering coming back next year as head host but right now I feel so drained and easily discouraged these days. Talked with my wise friend agian. She really encouraged me, and i feel alittle more energized to face the rest of the week. Plus I have tomorrow off.

Recieved good news about my internship possibilities. Looks like I might be able to work with AI after all! This would literally be a dream come true. It would be a great experience, I could learn soo much and it would look good on a resume. After all they are only one of the most well respected and recognized human rights organizations in the world! Can not wait to move to Chicago and start working!


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