Friday, October 13, 2006

An English all nighter....

Wednesday night started with going to the local pub with two friends to watch the Croatia vs England game. Croatia had never lost a qualifying game played at home and they still hold that record. The highlight of the game was the second goal scored against England. I mention this because it was scored by England's own goaly. He was passed the ball by an English defender and on his running approach, just as he went to kick the ball it jumped and he totally missed it. The ball then proceeded to go directly into an undefended goal. The pub went crazy. We loved it.

After the game, myself and three others headed back to Docklands campus around 9pm to begin our all night stay in the library. The idea was first concocted two nights before by my Swiss friend. He wanted to know what being at the library at three in the morning was like, see what kind of odd-balls come out and to get a lot of reading done. After a few stops at various take out resturants along the way we arrived at the library to eat, read and hang out into the wee hours. I got a lot of reading done and was suprisingly able to stay awake more or less all night. I took an emailing break at around 1:30 am and another at 3am, when some of us walked to the local Tesco which is open 24hrs. By the time we returned and I started reading again I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate. My fellow Chicagoan and I took the first bus heading back to East Ham at 5:15am. When we arrived in East Ham we discovered that the next bus that we needed, to take the final leg of our journey home, did not start running until 45 minutes later. We then walked the last 2.5 miles home. It was enjoyable except for the fact that I was carrying a bag weighing what felt like 30 lbs full with my computer and 3 inch text book. After finding out I had not yet visited the Barking cemetery, my companion decided then was the right time for me to experience it. Mind you it was completely dark out, 6 o'clock in the morning and had the accumulated creepiness of literally tens of hundreds of years. The church there was first founded in 622. Now that is a well established church.

By the time I got back to my room and got into bed it was 7am. I slept soundly until 1pm, at which point I got up, showered and made myself the most horrifying samwich ever. A few days ago I found the perfect size jar of mustard. It cant hold more than a couple tablespoons, which is perfect for the space I have and the frequency with which I would use it. The horror was experienced when I was chewing my wholewheat pitta and ham samwhich with mustard and I noticed it tasted as though I was ingesting chemicals. Could the ham be bad? After a smell and a taste test of ham alone I concluded it was not the ham. Is the pitta modly? No sign of mold. Well its not the mustard because mustard doesn't really go bad, I just opened this jar. OH, but indeed it was the mustard. It was English mustard- a bread onto itself. FYI do not under any circumstances use English Mustard unless you enjoy the taste of chemical experimentation gone wrong.


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Hey Amber....where are you again? Ill be in New Zealand till about April 30th. My mom is coming out to visit in January for 3 weeks....I cant wait! How are you? I had the craziest dream of you and your whole family. You lived in a tree house in the middle of tons of other tree was like the Swiss Robinson family! hahah it was awesome! heheh Im a goof. bad we didnt get lunch this summer. I hope all is well with you. My email is if you want to exchange some emails. Cheers!

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