Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Notes from a Graduate Student...

I feel like a legitimate graduate student now that I've had my first two classes of my masters program. Prior to this I felt like an imposter claiming to seek out higher education without having any evidence of it. On Monday nights you can find me in Current Issues and Research of International Law and Tuesday nights in Human Rights Law.

I was surprised to find I was not nervous, apprehensive or scared upon entering or during the classes. Even at Calvin I got a little nervous at the start of every semester upon entering a new class. Must mean I'm finally an adult or some kind of up and coming scholar....or perhaps not. I followed the lecturer, fountain pen in hand, as I scribbled down relevant information, silently affirming that I did indeed learned many things in all those political science classes I had spent the last four years taking. The real kicker is that all the stuff I learned was actually useful...unlike that algebra in high school I'm still waiting to use.

Today I started my day by setting an actual alarm the night before to insure I woke up before 1oam for once. A couple days ago I discovered the world of podcasts and downloaded a guided running session that (in theory) will get me running 5k in two months. Me running 5k will of course never actually happen due to the combination of cold weather, laziness and general dislike of extensive exercise. I am the only one of my family not to have been to the physical therapist and I owe it all to my devotion to doing nothing of extreme or semi extreme physical exurtion on a regular basis. It is a status that I would like to keep. But anyways, I went on a thirty minute mixed exertion of walking and running. The park right next to my campus was the perfect place for such morning workouts. As I walked, the park seemed to be waking up. The sun was just coming over the very tips of the tall trees making the dew on the grass sparkle. Dogs walked their owners and babies layed bundled under blankets as they were carted around in a stroller by what always seems to be a unhappy grandparent. All this beauty made me very much dislike the fact that I was sweating and out of breath.


Blogger Sharon Presti said...

Ambie, THIS IS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!! I have broke my own rules and read a blog! And what a wonderful, descriptive writer you are! I read about the last 5 entries and it was delightful. I love you.
I also ordered a text messaging plan of my cell phone. So............as soon as I ask someone how to do it you'll get a first- a text message from Sharon!

8:06 PM  
Blogger Sharon Presti said...

Amber it took me 24hrs to get this posted!

8:06 PM  

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