Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Coming to you from London...

The frustrations of the past few weeks have not entirely come to an end now that I'm here-unfortunatly. The flight was interesting as I flew Air India. The flight entertianment consisted of a made for TV movie which probably first aired on ABC Family staring Joshua Jackson, a series of Bollywood flims all in Hindi and an episode of Fraiser. I went through customs without a problem and found the UEL representative waiting for me...well actualy she was waiting for an Indian me, assuming since I was flying Air India I must then be Indian. She was quite suprised when I introduced myself and was in fact not Indian. I soon found the nearest pay phone and attempted to use the American international calling card to inform my parents of my safe arrival. It didnt work. After waiting in the airport for several reasons I finally was able to get into a very mini bus (van with no room for luggage) headed for the campus I'll be living at for the next few months. The ride through London was great. It was fun to see Parliament, Tower Bridge, Westminster and all the interesting sites along the way.

Once arriving at Barkings campus where I am to live I was moved into two different rooms. With each move I was assured it would be the last. I then attempted to use the calling card in my room. This too didnt work. I became very anxious at this point not yet having contact my parents to say hello and all is well. After a short talk with the security gaurde I was directed to a pay phone across the street from the campus gates where I could also buy a calling card.

In a short conversation to my mother I expressed exhaustion, irritation and hunger.

Although the story does not end here I must go catch a bus back to my room where there is no internet...


Blogger beholdhowfree said...

Yay! You made it! Enjoy your first weeks.

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