Friday, October 20, 2006

Juvenile Delinquents...

I have just come back inside from yet again standing outside in the cold because some juvenile delinquent has yet again pulled the fire alarm. A friend and I treated ourselves to a movie tonight and upon returning to campus at 11:30pm we found the inhabitants of the dorms standing outside for what we found out was the second time tonight. We were finally let back in just after midnight. I had time only to walk into my room take off my shoes and drop my purse on my bed before the alarm started again. This time we stood outside for close to an hour. Mob mentality quickly brewed as one of the women living here started freaking out towards the security guard's who herded us into the 'car park'. So far the total fire alarms for the week is up to 11. Waking three times a night to a screaching obnoxious alarm to throw on a hoody, put on real pants and some shoes while feeling around for my glasses and keys, proceeding to trudge outside to the 45 degree night is not fun. After a trip to residential services office this morning for a polite complaint about the constant nightly wakings and to attempt to get out of my lease as early as possible, I was offered to move into the neighboring dorm building. The thought of moving all my stuff into another building was highly unappealing at 12:30pm. At 1am the idea of moving into another building that does not have the regular nightly awakenings is starting to sound better and better.

I am at a loss as to see why someone would continue this prank for so long. In my four years at Calvin I have only one memory of being woken from my bed in the wee hours of the night and that was because someone burnt pizza at 2am. Every time the annoyed firemen show up here to yet again search for what we all know is a nonexistent fire, I feel ashamed and embarrassed to be associated with this group of people that has among them an individual or group of people who can only be described politely as a juvenile delinquent.


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