Thursday, August 31, 2006

Talking and Walking….

Two nights ago while walking our two psycho dogs, my father asked me what I thought about the idea of a mandatory service of some kind. It did not necessarily need to be military but could be any kind of “service”. This then started an interesting conversation. Through a number of questions from me, he explained more fully his idea and reasons for wanting such a program initiated which is why I write about this. Unity was the end desire of the mandatory service. I shared experience that all could call upon to unify the country. Something that seems to be in short supply these days, if it can be found at all. This could very quickly and easily become me talking on how the current administration has messed things up- but I will not say more than that. I think a rift has fallen across us. This rift exists on multiple levels.

What will this “unity” really do for us? What does it look like, in what form can it be found? Is it perhaps a generation thing? Something we will hear our parents talk about but never truly find again?

Unity is defined as the state of being one; a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one; the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification

A cause to unify us behind….seems like there has to be something; anti-terrorist, human rights, faith, justice….Or are these all the things that have us do disgruntled with each other.

My next question is how much of this has to do with the government. Is it the government’s job to create a shared experience or bring unity to the masses? I’ve seen too many revolutionary movies that bring the feel of Big Brother to answer with a ‘yes’ to that question. In my view it is the government’s job to provide for the people. The people should not fear or despise their government. That I think is one of the current problems. So many of us do fear and despise the government…and others feel it’s on the right track or at least looking in the right direction.

Can we find unity again?


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