Sunday, November 19, 2006

Right now all I'd love to do is get into my 1994 banged up, bummer-stickered college kid car and drive. Drive and drive and drive. Go west out of my hometown, towards what is left of the cornfields, chasing the sun as it sets in the sky lighting it up with pink and orange brush strokes. At the end of an unremarkable weekend, one not really filled with productivity nor excitement, I find myself exhausted. Drained of all motion, thought, or ambition. The sappy music I am listening to and candle lit room is of course not helping but nothing else would fit my mood.

Tomorrow I set out with two friends to begin our search for an apartment. This will be a welcome distraction to my current emotions. I can not wait to move out of the current dorm/cell that I'm in now. I'll only be in our soon to be new apartment for about six months before probably going back to the dorms for the summer then, moving somewhere yet to be determined. I look forward to the day when six months will pass without me having to move. I look forward to the day when a sad thought crosses my mind and soul only once a day instead of the present uncountable amount of times. I look forward to the future. Hope must be clung to. Love and beauty must be recognized and appreciated. That is what I must endeavor to do day to day, hope, love and see beauty.


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