Monday, April 23, 2007

I think I have fallen into the trap that I have so often warned others to avoid. I think very much in categories. I think in terms of the East/West divide and all that goes with it. I was just reading an article that warned of this very issue. I do it. I am aware of when other people make statements clearly showing their prejudice or …really it can just be habit without realizing it. But I too am guilty of this stereotyping and boxing of ‘them’ and ‘us’. It can be done in all aspects of anything really. After all there are ‘the saved’ and then there are ‘the unsaved’. There is the developed world, which is progressive and individual focused. Then there is the third world, which is backward and less self-centered. But really those are only stereotypes; categories we put ‘them’ and ‘us’ into to better organize the discourse. Watch out for this in your own conversations, analysis and general chatter in life. Watch out that you are not just making exceptions for yourself, removing yourself or the group you think you belong to or relate to, from ‘them’. Because really we are all ‘them’.


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