Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well as it turns out, I in fact did not get the job I interviewed for in the most wonderful city in England. This came as a great disappointment to me. But my friends and family have rallied around me to encourage and snap me out of the ideal world and throw me back into the real world. I greatly recommend getting over disappointments in Switzerland. The Alps are beautiful, the wine is sweat and the chocolate is plenty. What else could one ask for? - besides a job that is.

Today I accompanied my aunt, uncle, grandparents, cousin and her family up into the mountains. The vistas were particularly amazing today. We ate lunch high on a mountain top in a revolving restaurant. The thing actually moved. After an hour and a half of eating and chatting we had come full circle, having seen everything surrounding us. Today being the last day of the 'winter season' we were fortunate enough to enjoy a bit of the snow mixed with sun and incredibly warm weather. Wearing only jeans and a t-shirt I frolicked in the snow, had a snowball fight and walked quite comfortably in the open air. This seemed to go against everything I had been taught. When there is snow on the ground one does not go out in only a t-shirt. Yet that is exactly what I did today- and loved it.

So now the job hunt continues...


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