Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Afternoon...

After a very short chat with my mother I headed to the law school to meet with one of my professors. I had arranged to discuss with him my paper I submitted for his review prior to handing it in for a grade, as well as my dissertation proposal. Prior to meeting with him I stopped at the local eye doctors to get new glasses. My current glasses are seven years old and one prescription behind. As it turns out my prescription from my last eye doctor appointment is exactly 10 days past its 'use by' date, thus forcing me to have another eye exam. Luckily for me they were able to fit me in right away and within 35 minutes of walking in I was walking out having had an eye exam and choosing two new pairs of glasses. I discovered that selecting glasses is a good way to test how vain you are. I apparently am more vain than I realized or care to admit.

I then went to the post office to mail something to a friend. I do not, and will never, understand why the English except and find it perfectly normal to wait in-line at the post office for far too long. On any given weekday and especially on weekends one will walk into the post office to find a line thirty people long, all seemingly totally accepting that they are waiting in line for what seems like a ridicules amount of time. I do not relish going to the post office. It is a task that must be done however. But when I am then forced to stand in a twenty minute line to mail something that isn't worth the postage Im putting on it...I get annoyed. The English on the other hand seemed to be unfazed by it all. After my annoying postal episode I went to Boots, a drug store, to get some new chap-stick. I tell you this mindless detail in order to be able to share with you the flavor of said chap-stick: playdo mixed with roses. This is at least what it reminds me of.

Upon finally making it to the law school I found that the last two weeks of classes had caused others to suddenly need equal amounts of reassurance that what they too had written was not complete crap. Upon finally making it into the professor's office I sat down with trepidation as to what I might be about to hear in regards to my paper and dissertation idea. We started with my dissertation. I briefly explained what my thesis is and threw out a few questions I had already come up with in an attempt to demonstrate I had actually thought the idea through. He looked over my proposal with out a single readable facial expression. He then looked up and with a half smile of sorts and said 'sounds very interesting, I think you have something here'. I let out a large sigh of relief, one down, one to go. I then asked if he had read the paper I had emailed him. No, he hadn't. He then printed out all 13 pages and began to silently read them right in front of me. The room was silent for what felt like a painful amount of time. I tried to read the covers of the varies international law books on his bookshelves and he read my paper entitled 'An Examination of How International Law Confronts the Policy of Mass Rape'. After reading it through he looked up at me and with the most serious face and a very posh English accent said "great contribution, I'd say its finished, really well written'. I was incapable of stifling the big grin that spread across my face. I was taken aback by his praise but thrilled to hear it. I have spent many hours pouring into this paper and was pleased with its end result, then to hear that I was in fact not delusional in my thinking that I had accomplished a decently well written paper was, well music to my ears.

That leaves me with one small paper and one longer (and may I add painfull, as I have no interest in its topic) paper to write before I am free...that is until I begin writing my dissertation.

For those who are curious the working title for my dissertation is thus:
A Comparative Examination of Civil Society's Influence on Uganda and Tanzania in Bringing Human Rights Awareness and Legislative Change Within Government on Women's Human Rights Issues.


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