Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Trouble with an All Male House... Well, one of many...

The trouble with a house in which only men live is that it is filled with only men...and their man stuff. This means that when one goes to look for or use an item of assumed and usual existence within a (normal) home, they will not find it. This will include any number of items that one would assume by basic necessity of the item that its presences would of course be, but in fact is not. Such items would include dish towels, any kind of pan, plate or anything for that matter that can go in the oven, a can opener, measuring cups/ spoons, and sugar. What one will find in a house full of male individuals is a TV and stereo system in every single room, air freshener in every single room, and a kitchen littered with random instruments that are only helpful when making an alcoholic drink, a bowl of cereal or a sandwich. Refrigerators in all male homes also tend to be chocker-block full of condiments, usually multiples of the same thing but consisting of different amounts in each container.

I have decided that I will not be the cook in such a kitchen. Being the Commander and Chief in the kitchen of such a home will only lead to frustration, bitter mutterings to yourself that leave the living room occupants wondering what is going on and a dinner that is less than par because you gave up caring half way through making the meal due to having to hack open a can of tomatoes because there was no can opener.


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