Monday, April 03, 2006

Saturday night three friends and myself were watching the movie In America, which is very good by the way and I really recommend it. The question of if one can get AIDS from kissing a person came up. I immediately said no. But two of my friends questioned that answer and thought one could get infected through kissing an infected person. I in no way mean to demean, or point to ignorance. Really what I have to say is more of a critique of our society, among other things, than to point at my friends. How could we not know how AIDS is spread though? I mean really, this is a disease of, literally, epidemic proportions and we are unsure of how it spreads?! Isn’t this a basic fact that we should be aware of? This is a disease that affects millions of millions of people every day. I can not help but think, and point out, that misunderstandings like these can have harmful affects. We owe it to the world to know a little bit about this disease!

Other things about me…
Due to a recommendation by one of my roommates I’ve been listening to Virgin Radio out of the U.K. a lot- and have really gotten into it. One song called Everyone’s Going to War, I really like for obvious reasons with lyrics like: “So everyone’s going to war, but we don’t know what we are fighting for, don’t tell me it’s a worthy cause, no cause could be so worthy”. Also I really think I’m one of those people who is affected by the sun. Spring has started to emerge here in west Michigan and with it the sun has made more of a regular appearance. I have just felt better. My disposition, if you will, has improved. In England I felt down and gray a lot as well. Of course I was not the happiest of gals during that period of my life and the last few weeks have been really stressful for me. So the sun appearing as my stress levels have momentarily lowered themselves may just be a coincidence and not really an indicator of any imbalance do to lack of sun. But sounds plausible right-

By the way, I looked it up… AIDS can not be spread through saliva.


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