Friday, February 03, 2006

History 233: History of the Middle East
Student wants to ask if there are Kurds in Turkey. Instead asks if there are "turds" in Turkey. I try to stifle my histarical laughter for the next 3 minutes, which mostly just makes me laugh more.

Currently listening to Miles Davis. One of the few jazz musicians I can stand.

First week of spring classes are over. This week I have managed to be ontime to all classes, avoid a particular person completely, force myself to go to the the library before and after classes to read and have not attempted to drop the history class I feel totally unprepared for. Have also finallly applied to one of my graduate school options. I have discussed at lenght such weighty topics as boyfriends mother's, the disgrace that has become Tom Cruise, Predestination, Nature vs Nurture and the pro's and cons of a mircrobiotic diet.

Being back on the college campus I have come to call home, I have finally realized the desire that many have to remain in the academic world. Prior to this discovery the want and drive to continue on for great lengths of time escaped me, not to mention why anyone would actually want to become a professor. But I have discovered that I like the library. I like the knowledge that it holds. The endless information that is always around you but not obvious or striking until one is posseseed with the desire or what is most often the case a research paper due date, to seek it out. Edification is a wonderful thing.

I have also discovered the charms that East Grand Rapids holds. I think in another 15 or so years I could buy a cute little house in East town. Only for a few years though for fear of reproducing and settling in and thus continueing the cycle of generations having relatively the same inane experience within the West Michigan culture.

All this to say that I am completely enjoying meself and living in the moment.


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