Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yesterday was a dear friends 22nd birthday. Five of my closest friends and I went out to dinner to celebrate with her. My bill for dinner came to $9.53. I wanted to make it even with a two dollar or so tip. So I added $2.07 to make it $12 even. Only thats not the way money works you see. My friend had to point out to me (because I totally didn't notice) that unlike a clock that goes to 60 money goes to 100. So infact I had to add a $2.47 tip to make it an even $12. This made me, as well as the whole table laugh histarically (most of them had been drinking wine though). And to think my father has his master's in math...yet I am an obvious idiot when it comes to simple addition. Sorry Dad, the one trait of yours I didn't get.


Blogger beholdhowfree said...

BWAAAA! This is hilarious!

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