Sunday, March 12, 2006

Upland, Indiana....oh what to say. Quaint I think is the nicest word I could use to describe that "charming" little collection of buildings. There was definitely that small town persona all around. Which is fine, I have nothing against it. It just sooo is not for me. Big city gal all the way.

Time with the sister was wonderful as expected. Her hidden talent of being an amazing choreographer was put to good use. Discovered I like cinnamon poptarts- who knew. Found out the Political Science department at Taylor has two professors. Two! Ugh. Shortly after arriving in Upland the sis and I met up with a friend from camp. Had a great chat while in Starbucks. Decided I really don't like that place. Too commercialized, no charm or personality.

My space here would not be complete without at least one comment, dare I say complaint. While shopping in the "mall" the sis was looking for basketball shorts. We walked into a sports store spent several minutes obviously more than browsing and looking throughout the small store. We received not one offer of help to locate a particular item. As we walked out a male shopper walked in and was immediately asked if he needed help finding something. I will refrain from making comments and throwing out words like...oh say, "sexist" or "discrimination".

This morning we watched Jeeves & Wooster season three. For those of you unaware of this fine show, it was a British TV mini-series based on the books by P.G. Woodhouse. British comedy is a favorite amongst my clan. The episode we saw this morning was possibly the best one I've every seen. Jeeves always has such great lines and responses. Watch it people and behold the ingenious humor before you.


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