Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just got back from my spring break in Cleveland, Ohio. I know, not your typical spring break hot spot. My two roommates and one of their boyfriends and myself drove down...or Cleveland a week ago today. The boytoy's parents own a house there that is currently vacant. While there we saw a COLDPLAY concert, went to the zoo, shopped, saw a Cavaleries game and drank a lot, oh and I got a really bad cold (again).

The concert was awesome! They rocked, we sang along and by the end of the night my cold was in full swing and I felt horrible. At one point at the end of the concert Chris ran off stage right into the crowed, climned up a railing and hung there singing while everyone within 12 feet of him flung themsevles in his direction to touch him. It was great!

The zoo was cold. I have decided that I have really no desire to ever see any African animals in zoos. It is really sad to see, say Elephants, in a small enclosed mud land in 30 degree weather. Having seen all the African animals in oh say...Africa, seeing them in Cleveland is considerable less impressive. I did love the aquariums though! and the gorillas. Although the gorilla we saw was in the perpetual cycle of throwing-up in his hand and then eating it again...not sure what that was about.

The Cavaleries game was fun and would have been really fun had I not felt like crap and had it ended about 20 minutes earlier. Did you know that a basketball game can not end with a tie? I didn't. It was a good game to see, they won in the last 10 seconds of the game. For not being one to watch basketball, that was my second professional basketball game I have gone to in the past five months. hah.

The shopping I did made me giggle....the drinking did too come to think of it. Oh, finally found a wine I can stand to drink. That made me feel very grown up and cultured. But I digress- Went shopping at GAP outlet. I've been keeping my eye out for summer clothes to wear up at camp. Basically anything boring and conservative. I tried on this outfit that made me burst out laughing at myself when I looked in the miriror- Cute little polo shirt and bermuda shorts. I looked like some kind of yuppie! The really funny thing is, I bought them.

I am not yet totally mentally prepared to return to camp. I am looking forward to returning but by default in way. Really my main resean for returning is because I am absolutely not spending my entire summer living back in B-town at my parent's house! I have no problem with not dying my hair funky colors, not drinking and dressing...some say conservative but really its boring, I have no problem with the rules of camp....until about week 6. By the end of last summer I wanted to dye all my hair hot pink, walk around in a mini-skirt and spaghetti strap shirt with a Mike's Hard lemonade in my hand. Reminds me of when I was at the Royal School (the British all girls school where cruel and unusual punishment was the norm). That school just sucked the individuality right out of you. Conformity was what it was all about. Not that I really equate the two. It's just that I have trouble agreeing with rules or conditions that make me feel as though I am no longer able to to express myself as I wish.


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