Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today in my International Political Economy class we had a role play exercise. I hate these, but that is not what I am going to complain about. Another student (male) and myself were 'the presdent', and two other students (also male) were playing the role of the auto industry asking us for protectionist policies and the such. While explaining what the problem was and what they wanted from us 'the president', I was never really addressed. The kid never really looked at me while talking, at least not while seriously talking. He contiually addressed my male counterpart. Ok, what is up with that!? I am kicking myself now for not pointing out to him what he was doing. But why was he? I have no doubt that it was not intentional to basically ignore me but...why did it even happen accidentally?

Out to see Mrs. Henderson Presents tonight with my roomies. Judi Dench is a wonderful, can't wait to see it. Another movie recomendation: Nanny McPhee. Excellent.


Blogger Jason Scott Vawter said...

sheesh... boys... what can you do?

;-D, Scott*

1:06 PM  

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