Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The World Cup is currently underway. I might be as bold as to say that most of the U.S. has no interest or is even aware of the significant event that has the rest of the world on hold. The U.S. team has a rank of 5th in the world, leaving many questioning why or how they got that high ranking. Yesterday, when playing the Czeck Republic the U.S. lost 3 nill! The first goal scored within the first 5 minutes of the game set the tone for dissappointment that continuted throught the game. Reyna's attempted goal seemed like a cruel teaser as I, watched with anticipation and filled with hope as he set up the shot, only to watch it bounce off the goal post a second later. For a world towarn apart by conflict, apposing views, prejudice and suffer, this sport has seemed to brought the world together in one common cause. Countrywomen and men stand united cheering for the team of athletes representing their country. Political enemies, former colonial rulers and friendly regional neighbours find themselves playing agianst eachother. Yet there seems to be (for the most part) a general respect for fellow players and a respectful comradorey. I'm not disregarding the frequent fowls, occassional yellow cards or even the odd red card. However there are unspoken rules of common curdiosy that are practiced. I like this. It gives me hope for international cooperation.


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