Monday, July 10, 2006

Every once and a while there are moments, sometimes even lasting minutes, where two people usually unable to talk from their core experiences and observations, can communicate truth. That was the case tonight with a parent and myself. We sat over a meal and for some reason began a discussion about family finances, and consumption. We talked openly and with real interest and concern for what the other was saying. As we sat discussing I marveled at how easy it was for me to convey my feelings and observations. This is usually not the case. Usually I hesitate to express my true thoughts and feelings and this is not just with this parent but with many others in general. But tonight they were shared with relative easy and were equally received with such acceptance and openness.

The month of world-wide football frenzy is over. Yesterday in a match starring Italy and France the world recognized Italy as the world champions, at least until the next World Cup in four years. I personally was pleased with the results, as no doubt was the rest of the world, with the obvious exception of France and possibly Quebec.

Work has become almost fun. Last Friday afternoon was one of those days that I accomplished one of those tasks that is fun but in a trying way. My eight charges, and I were given the task of moving six picnic benches across campus. In order to do this we had to go from one end of campus to pick up a picnic bench slide it into the bed of the 1980-something monstrous truck and move it to the other side of campus that was only accessible by going through a small forest on a very narrow, windy, uneven and whole ridden trail. I did not only have to concern myself with the kids be flung around the back of the truck but the eight other kids actually working on the trial trimming and digging out rocks along the way. The trying part began once one of those rocks was discovered to be a small boulder and dug out leaving a massive whole about 3feet wide and 2 feet deep. I am happy to say that I managed to limit my time spent lodged in this whole to only two separate occasions. The first time I got the front left tire out of the whole by getting the truck, that I was sure was about to die on the trail and be left forever as a permanent accent to the trail, by gunning it and letting it role back and forth until dislodged. The second time I “put the pedal to the metal” so to speak in-order to get the back right tire out. I now feel more confident in driving a beast of a vehicle on a narrow, windy, uneven path with multiple yelling passengers.


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