Thursday, June 08, 2006

Coroners, Government and Christianity...

Nearly finished now with Brain McLaren's A New Kind of Christian. It's an interesting and provocative read. Its one of those books you're not sure you agree with, then find yourself analyzing and viewing ideas and methods using the books line of thinking. I especially find myself agreeing with the idea that there is no cookie-cutter way or step by step plan to be followed for how to be/become a Christian. I recently went to a college night at the church I had grown up in. The speaker that night kept using the word "normal". This greatly annoyed me, especially since he never defined or explained what he considered "normal" to be. Now, I do understand the general definition of normal...that's not the point. When someone says "normal way to relate to God", "normal way to interpret the Bible" or "normal view of Jesus", that I do not quite follow. What is normal? First of all, to an outsider, nothing about Christianity would seem normal. This was only one of many issues I had with the message presented that night. The idea that A leads to B which then leads to C was clear. Cookie-cutter step-by-step presentation of Christianity. It only takes one trip overseas to realize that not all people experience God, faith and Christianity in general, in the same way.

So the toll roads are now going to be bid away to private companies. Does anyone else feel outraged by this!? Now I am obviously no strategist nor economist, however I feel it a poor choice (to say the least) to hand over control of national infrastructure to a private firm. I am not able to articulate quite why I feel this way or back it up with a rational argument at this time. Quite frankly I just don't think its a good idea and am very uncomfortable with the level of privatization that seems to be taken place these days.

I leave you with this question that has been on my mind, oddly enough, for some time. Why is the position of city coroner a politically elected position?


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