Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yesterday I made my way into central London to meet up with family friends. On my way there I sat next to an elderly Irishman who wise quite the talkative man. He was charming and with a few words out of my mouth asked what nationality I was, commenting that he loved accents. He said they added something to a person. They made us different from eachother. He said he has often looked at a woman thinking she was beautiful until she opened her mouth and her course accent gave her away. Talking to him for the 5 minute bus ride to the train station was a treat. One of those unexpected people and conversations that was totally unforeseen on a journey you've done a thousand times without any kind of variation on the experience. He was charming, and sweet and liked my accent. We wished each other a Merry Christmas then I ran to meet the District line train to take me into central London.

Winter has finally come to London. Before last week it never dipped below the low 40's. This week it has remained in the mid to high 30's with bitter wind and lots of fog. I love it when it gets foggy here. It adds Winter weather has finally come to London. Up until about a week ago the temperature a romantical sense to the ghetto I live in over here in East London. The fog also reminds me of the fist time I lived here. Then it did not seem so enchanting to me as parent's had to drive 10 mph because the tail lights of the cars 10 feet in front of them could barely be seen. Walking from the front door of our house to the car 30 feet away had to be done on faith and memory. You could literally not see 30 feet in front of you. Now that, is some dense fog. But now that I travel by foot, bus and tube, I like the fog. It covers surroundings known to be less than aesthetically pleasing and replaces them with fuzzy mystical outlines in the distance adding a sense of mystery.

My Christmas companion is flying out of Chicago tomorrow and will join me in this foggy city on Saturday afternoon. I am giddy with anticipation and excitement as all who have talked to me know full well. I have made lists of things to do, places to take her and things she is to bring me. Unfortunately I still have a little school work to finish up. I say unfortunately but without it I would go insane with boredom. Two papers, one done and one with 700 more words to throw onto the page. But before I get cracking on that, I think I'll take a nice walk in the park. See what is out in the abyss the fog has created.


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