Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Well my dear friend has come and gone already. Over the past week I have travelled all over London and celebrated two Holidays with her. The two of us have been to the Tower of London, the National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Harrods, St. Paul's Cathedral, Parliament, Westminster and many places in between. We saw the movies The Holiday and Night at the Museum as well as the play Love Song staring Neve Campbell and Cillian Murphy. After a whirlwind of site seeing through London and a day spent in my old stomping grounds of Bath, we flew to Nantes, France to ring in the New Year with another friend. There the three old roomies enjoyed the best French food and wine ever. Nantes, it turns out is exactly how one would picture a large French suburb to be. It is picturesque with cliche Frenchmen wearing berets, carrying begets down a sidewalk littered with little french doggy poop.

One thing I have learned when planning holiday trips is to keep in mind that it will be a holiday for everyone else as well. Do not expect national museums and local restaurants to be open on Boxing day, New Years Eve or even New Years. Our dinner 'meal' New Years Eve consisted of Champagne and assorted pastries due to many of the local grocery stores and restaurants closing earlier than expected. I should add that none of us were too torn up over eating fresh, amazingly delish, french pastries for dinner.

Now I have barely a day to gather my thoughts, re-read papers and enjoy a few solitary hours before my next guest arrives late tomorrow night. Her stay will be brief but no doubt very enjoyable. My school holiday does not end after her departure however. I have already booked my flight to Geneva for a five day stay with family there. After returning to London for a few days I hope to get right back to traveling. I feel a train ride out to Bath is called for. This time staying for more than an afternoon. After all, my second and last semester of grad school starts January 29th and I feel it is only right for me to pack in as much leisurely travel and fun as possible. With round trip plane tickets to Geneva for £38 and train tickets out to beautiful Bath for £18 how could I not?!


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Hopefully you will be able to get some rest from all the travel and guests once the second semester starts ;-)
The dangers of cheap travel...

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