Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Text me if they call it….

Last night two great things happened. I had small group, that I love going to and the United States had its Presidential Elections, of which I had great interest in to say the least. Before I left for my Bible study I made an important call to my main election information center – my mother. “If they call the election in the next two hours text me, I’ll be in small group”.

At 8:01 pm Pacific time I received this text message from my mom “History”. That pretty much said it all. Through the last hour of small group I received four more text messages that I had to exercise great restraint not to check until the Bible study came to a close. I was updated from friends and family regarding McCain giving his concession speech, information at how crazy and exciting Grant park, notes of excitement and one question asking where I had cast my vote.

History has indeed been made and I have no doubt that precedent will continue to be made through the next, dare I say, eight years. The grin that stretch across my face at 8:01 pm Tuesday night is still glimmering as I write.

Listening to the President Elections speech was thrilling and reassuring. He thanked his running mate, now the VP Elect, his wife, his two daughters and other along the path to election. A few years ago, my mother and I were, for lack of a more accurate word, obsessed with the TV show West Wing. We watched it weekly with faithful diligence and excitement. When I went away to school we continued to watch the show ‘together’. During particular dramatic, confusing or witty episodes we would call each other at commercials to laugh about the latest comment made by CJ or surmise when exactly Donna and Josh would get together. At the conclusion of each episode and before the previews for the following show my mother and I would call each other to discuss and analyze further the events of that episode and to see what was to come and then discuss the excitement shared for its snippets of preview into the lives of these government figures. The reason I share all this is to say that in the past few years we have often commented that ‘It was no speech by Toby or Sam’, Toby and Sam being President Bartlet’s writing staffers. Well, Toby or Sam could have written President Elect Oboma’s speech Tuesday night. It was regal, it was Presidential and, something we have felt little of in the past few years, it made me proud and not embarrassed that a freshman foreign exchange student could have delivered a statement with more grace and literacy than my President. And the best part, NPR said that he wrote the speech himself!

As I (jokingly) told family members last week, I expect November 5th to begin the great change. With a new President elected I expect the economy to jump into a steady healthy incline, increase, growth or whatever the economy does when it gets better. I expected partisan politics to be a thing of the past. Hope, growth, and peace are no doubt to quickly ensue. So with that note, I give a sigh of relief and eagerly look forward to a hopeful future.


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