Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This week I am in L.A. for my Vista orientation/training for my new job at the IRC. I'll be honest, I expected the orientation to be dull, possibly giving some housekeeping details regarding benefits and how exactly to survive on the $1,159 monthly living allowance volunteers receive for their year of service. But instead I had the most powerful and informative discussion on poverty. The Vista program is one of the few national service programs that deal directly with the issue of poverty and its prevention, addressing the issue and plans to elevate it.

The program, or service, is designed for the volunteer to live in the community in which they are serving and at the 'level' of those they serve. I had not expected a lot of the volunteers to have personal experience with poverty but I was mistaken. There were quite a few of volunteers that had dealt with poverty on an extremely personal level.

My eyes were opened. Im excited to see what the next two days of discussions and training teach me.


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