Monday, October 27, 2008

H.A.P.F. Missing You Always.

It's not a momentary thing loss. It creeps around at all times, in every moment, sometimes showing its face, other times lingering near by but unseen by most. That I think is what some do not understand. Loss, grief, the missing of a loved one, it is a wave of emotion, ebbs and flows with time but always present. It also has the ability to magnify every other emotions.

What do you do with it all? Do you attempt to explain? Do you overlook the comments, actions and lack-there-of of those who just dont understand, those who dont know?

I think talking is always good. If one doesn't know what to say, then ask questions. Let us know you haven't forgotten.

This weekend was incredible difficult for my family. Time doesn't necessarily make it better or easier, just another year you can try to do something different from last year when you attempt to handle it then. Last year I fled to a dear friends home. She could relate all too well and was a great comfort to me. This year I was not only away from home, which did not bother me as much as, the fact that I was alone. The sad remembrance of it the events of two years ago makes any kind of celebration on this day feel as if I am not paying due respect to the remembrance of her life. I need one day for it to be a specially day for me again but this is not the year...and I can not do it on my own, that is for sure.


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