Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Question: Why do terror suspects need to be flow abroad for interrogation? I’m not saying there isn’t a valid reason I just don’t know at this time what it is. Really if you know tell me because I do not get it.

I had a wonderful Chicago weekend. A wonderful and dear friend of mine drive down from Grand Rapids to the Southside then took the train downtown. We later met up with a friend I met through her. A bunch of us ended up at the Cheesecake Factory. By the time we got back to my apartment it was after 1am. We then stayed up till after 2:30 in my bathroom as my roommates slept; talking about the one of the guys we had just spent the last three hours with. Dreamboat doesn’t begin to describe him. On Saturday we slept in then enjoyed the day walking around the very cold city, shopping, talking and laughing. We talked of ideal relationships, our hopes, dreams and concerns and world politics. Writing that makes me think I talk a lot of relationships. Am I obsessed or worse, lonely? A topic for anther analytic bantering entry perhaps.

Facebook is something I was apposed to when my roommate signed me up for. It was something I disliked once I spent hours on it. Now it has brought long lost friends back to me…so to speak. I have now messaged two of my closest friends from TASIS. I haven’t talked with these girls in about six years. The funny thing is two of them are going to grad school in England and the other cant wait to move back as well. Then there is me who is also going to apply for grad school on the island. Never would have thought that I would be so eager to move back.

Today I had a suprise visist by a client and he brought his son, my favorite kid in the agency. He is almost three, speaks a mumbled mixture French and English. He is wonderful. If I was garunteed to have a child like that, I would be much more receptive to reproducing. Until such a date though.....its a no thanks.


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