Friday, October 14, 2005

Random Acts of Kindness.
This term does not always have the greatest conotations for me. I often associate it with a kind of 'Halmark kindness' or a term learned in one of those Chicken soup for the soul books that were grossly over popular back in the day. A term that brought about an "aawww" but with no real substanant action taken in return.

This afternoon I walked into CVS to buy some film. Upon approaching the door a homeless man asked for change. Living in Chicago one developes tatics to avioid this sort of constant charity. Whether it is apologiesing for not haivng change, responding with the not today or the most often chosen, simply ignoring the request altogher. Upon leaving I walked up to him, holding all the grociers I had just bougth in Jewel and said I dont have any cash but would you like an apple. Not extremely heroic and I dont mention it to bring some sort of attention to my amazing kindness. It was a simple jesture and I feel he greatly appreciated it. Yet as I crossed the street to my apartment building I thought of how many missed opportunities there have been to share a random act of kindness. And an act of kindness could be interpretted in so many ways. Clearing a table afer a meal with friends or family, giving an apple to homeless person, anything unexpected, not requested and showing there is a sense of humanity yet left in us.

On a side note. Ive gotten now three comments from...people, on my blog. I at first thought this very strange. I personally do not read other peoples' blogs that I do not know. Yet aparently others do. I read blogs to find out how those I know are doing, what issues they are dealing with and what new experiences they have had. I thought it strange that one would read a total stangers blog. But upong getting three random comments one of which was very positive, I have decided that I am flattered. So thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.


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