Sunday, October 02, 2005

So this is just going to be random. Thoughts from throughout the week. First I want to share what I can only describe as a 'zen' moment. I had just left a clients apartment and was standing on the platform at Morse eating a three musketeers bar. The sun was shining, and i was listening to what seemed to be song after song of a perfect soundtrack to go along for my life. It was in that moment that I was content, happy, and doing something about a chocolate craving I had been having for days.

Went back to school this weekend. As I drove into the city it was like driving home again. IT felt right, safe. On Saterday my roomate and I participated in the Grand Rapids Aids walk. Seventy to eighty percent of the particpants were from my church there, Mars Hill, who also was one of the sponsers. Talked with my roomie and her boyfriend on the walk. The topic was mostly of our post-college plans. Seems we are coming up with new ideas, plans and paths from week to week as to what we are going to be doing as our first steps into becoming a productive member of society. One week its Seattle, another it go back home and then its Florida. For me it changes between Chicago, London and East Africa. However after a long and wonderful conversation with a great friend I have now also added staying in Grand Rapids for a year or so. It would be a cowardess move on my part to stay in a place i have friends in for another year and a place i know well. But the idea of living with two of my closest friends for another year in a place that has been my home and holds such fond memories for me is very appealing.

While in GRR I got to talk to talk to one of these closest friends. We talked about a topic that has come up more than once between the two of us- justice. What is justice, how can it be defined both bibically and in todays world and is it relative? She was looking for an answer as to how to change things. I comend her for her coragous attempt to solve the problems of the world in one swoop but it simple can not be done. She has stopped shopping at Old Navy, Gap and Banana Repubic because of the sweatshops she's seen in Cambodia. Like me she also refuses to shop at Walmart. Poverty, injustice and w


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