Thursday, December 15, 2005

Recommendation: Read Al Franken's new book THE TRUTH (WITH JOKES)

Disclaimer: Do not read if you are easily offended, love the current President and or any of his administration, or do not care about politics in general

Franken has once again managed to bring startling fact with a lit'l bit of humor on the side. Reading last night, at a gymnastics meet no less, I found myself outraged at the information I was being presented with interrupted only with snorts of amusement and clapping for the gymnasts I was supposed to be admiring.

Before reading his book I knew nothing of the U.S. island of Siapan, I knew Tom Delay was no good and now I know why. And why this man is always smile is a complete mystery to me. Really nothing to smile about there buddy! I also have new reason to...I'll use the word dislike but really it is far more than that, the Iraq war. The corruption, negligence and general stupidity that revolves around this issue is unbelievable. Arrogance and ignorance seem to be breeding at uncontrollable rates within the current administration. I don't have the energy, time nor gift of eloquent wording to clearly list and state all my grievances for this issues but I will leave you with a few highlights: Halliburton, Coalition Provisional Authority, Heritage Foundation, Rumsfeld and Custer Battles. Look it up people, atrocities await you.

A few more diisconcerning statements I have come across...

In the last year, acts of torture by authorities were reported in 132 countries- nearly 70% of the world's countries.

77,041 Illinois households are on waiting lists to get into public housing.

In the U.S. one in three adults under the age of 65 does not have health insurance.

An estimated 35,000 survivors of torture reside in the Chicago area.

One child dies of malaria in Africa every 29 seconds.

One person is infected with HIV every 6.4 seconds.

Someone in the world dies of TB every 18 seconds.

One pregnant woman dies of complications every 60 seconds.


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