Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I enter the new year with a quick glance at my past and great hope and expectations of the future. In the next 360 odd days I will graduate from college, and hopefully...Enter grad school in England. Verdict is still out.

Christmas was a delight as usual. It was my New Years that offered a pleasant surprise. I, sadly enough, have had my first fun New Years. A wonderful friend drove all day from New York to spend Friday night with me and usher in the New Year in Chicago. After working for what seemed like the longest five hour shift ever at work I took the train into the city. Upon walking out of the train station located on Washington and Canal I was instantly comfortable and at ease. I had after all traveled this exact route countless times over the past few months. The 45 minute train ride had left me a little lonely and unsure. Surrounded by a excited crowd already in pre-celebration mode I was a little emotionally frazzled. However once stepping onto the Chicago city streets I was instantly at home. I knew my exact route, and even northeasterly direction. While sitting on the El I was struck by the diversity. The few weeks I have spent in the burbs had obviously gotten to me. Isolated by the upper-middle Caucasian class in the suburbs had diluted my sense of the world once again. Not getting off at the Clark and Division stop was like fighting human nature.

Ultimatly the night was spent at Wild Hare, a regay bar in Wringleville. Fun was all around. My group of roughly eight girls, one guy were defiantly in the minority. We were possibly 9 of 20 Caucasians in the place. Loved it. Many a great dancer that night as well as the occasional bad from whom we had to rescue a friend from time to time. Not without laughing hysterically first of course.
Word to the male dancer: Do not think that tight corders and dance music gives you the right to be "extra friendly" if you get my drift. If you find an elbow suddenly jabbed into your gut know that yes, it was intentional and not a bad dance move on my part. Know that I do not appreciate the inappropriate grabbing and what not. And alcohol consumption is no excuse or exception to this rule.

The night, or day rather came to a close at roughly 5am. Crashed for about 4 or 5 hours then made the seemingly long treck back to the train station thus starting a very very sleepy day of watching movies in my pajamas and napping next to my also exhausted friend.


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